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Our prams are a combination of safety, functionality and original design. Created with passion for the comfort of children. We know how to support the parents' needs. We have already been trusted by thousands of moms around the world.


What distinguishes it is its original design. In this model, we focus not only on functionality. Your style counts. A wide range of colors will allow you to choose a stroller that fits you perfectly. It is also light and easy to use.

The Mata stroller has everything you need.


Stylish, functional, in your favorite color.

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To meet the expectations of parents, we have created a stroller that is not only comfortable and easy to use, but also extremely stylish. Because practical doesn't have to be boring.


A stroller ideally suited to the urban style.

Choose your pattern

Regardless of whether your favorite place is a playroom in a shopping center or a sandbox in a city park, our stroller will work in every situation. Folds easily and runs lightly.


Retro style and modern design

Classic with a modern twist

A timeless model that catches the eye. In addition to classic retro elements, we have not forgotten about functionality, lightness and comfort.

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Each walk is an amazing adventure for us.


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